Hello! Welcome to BrainModes. We're working on an app where by wearing a simple headset, you can start training and monitoring your own brain.

The asterisk (*) denotes required questions.
Are you interested in brain training? *

For example, improving your cognitive performance via training in focus, relaxation, problem solving, creativity or other?
How would you prefer to train your brain? *

Which category of brain training are you more interested? *

Are you interested in self tracking? *

For example, keeping track of your steps, weight, diet, or heart rate?
Which types of self tracking do you do already? *

How would you prefer to see your own stats? *

How would you prefer to see your friends listed? *

Are you interested in an interactive model of your own brain? *

How would you prefer to see a model of your own brain? *

Are you interested in playing games using your brainwaves? *

Please rate the following games by how much they appeal to you:

Blackhole Racing *

A space racing game where you focus to keep the spaceship from crashing. The more you focus, the faster the spaceship will go.

Meteor Space Shooter *

A space shooting game where you can relax to shield, and focus to blast gems. The more gems you blast, the better your score. If you collide with a gem though, it's game over!

Mini Putt *

Play mini put golfing with your mind. The more focused you are, the easier it is to aim. Tap to make the putt.

Pinball *

The classic pinball game, but with an extra dimension! Slow down time by using your powers of relaxation to make those perfect saves.

Zen Candle *

Based on traditional meditation exercises, play with your powers of relaxation to keep the candle burning bright.

Virtual Pet *

What if your brain was a virtual pet for you to take care of? By playing with your brain every day, you can help it grow up into a fantastical mystery creature.

The Mountain Endless Runner *

Here, your ability to switch quickly between relaxation and focus is being challenged. Use your powers of relaxation and focus to travel under and over obstacles. See how far you can get before you are caught by the monster.

Please make your best guess as to how much you would spend for the following examples:

How much would you spend on a brain training app per year?

(eg. A running coach app costs 65€ per year, a brain training app that does not use a neuroheadset costs 99€ per year)
What is the maximum you would spend on a neuroheadset for brain training or gaming?

(eg. a FitBit costs 70 - 200€, a Muse neuroheadset costs 200€, an Apple Watch costs 200€ - 200€)
About you:

If you would like to qualify for the free Beta, please include your name and email in this last part of the form. We treat your information highly confidential and according data protection laws and don't pass them to third parties. Otherwise, we treat your answers anonymously, feel free to skip any of these questions.
Do you have any of these neuroheadsets?

Do you own any of these other devices?

Which operating system(s) do you use?

Your gender:

Birth year:

eg. 1969

If you would like to qualify for the free Beta, please enter your name.
Thank you! Please feel free to add any additional comments here:

If you have any questions, or just want to say hello, please keep in touch on Twitter @BrainModes or send us an email to hello@brainmodes.com : )

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